The International Academy of Film and Media

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF FILM AND MEDIA (IAFM) is an academic institution that is working to create an opportunity of employment for the participant as well as enable them to work independently and efficiently. It will hopefully help those are searching for jobs in Media Industry in Bangladesh.

The current development of the electronic media and broadcasting in Bangladesh has greatly expanded the scope of people’s entertainment, information and education. The electronic media is now playing a significant role in raising social awareness and bringing about a positive change in people’s outlook and ideas. 

It is expected that the electronic media’s capacity will be gradually enhanced and it will play a more effective role in future. The existing satellite channels and those which are expected to start soon will need a lot of skilled personnel for their successful operation. In last 40 years no such institute was build up which would provide required certified training courses for media professionals. This helping hand was not stretched from the government neither from the public sector but we took this most challenging step and strongly believe that we will make our dream come true very soon though the task is shouldered late. Proper training is, therefore, needed to build the capacity of media workers and enable them fruitfully utilize the golden opportunities. With these aspects IAFM is working to prepare skilled professionals for the contemporary electronic media of Bangladesh.
Since 24 June 2006 the academy has been conducting its different kinds of academic activities on media, TV and cinema significantly. The academy has been trying to accelerate the movement for bringing a positive change in our cinema. Until now it has organized a number of seminars and symposiums and made many film shows in its effort to provide film education.
Its an Education wing of Media Foundation. Also a member of University Film & Video Association, USA.  

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