Bruno Chatelin: Adviser Bio

Member of the Board EFA:
European Film Academy

Voting member
Les Cesar

Advisory Board Member
International Film Festival Summit

French native
Married, 3 children

Bruno Chatelin, HEC Business School alumni, began his marketing career with large international Advertising Agencies: Publicis, DMM Masius and JWT, where he handled accounts such as Kellog’s Unilever, Colgate Palmolive, Mars Foods, Mastercard...

Former film distributor

He started in 1985 working for Sony and UGC FOX in France (Marketing Director and Managing Director) he has launched over 200 films and has worked closely with key creative talents.
To name just a few: Claude Lelouch, Costa Gavras, Terry Giliam (3 films: Baron Munchausen, 12 Monkeys, Fisher King), Stephen Frears, Keneth Branagh, James Ivory (2: Remains of the Day), Francis Coppola (Dracula), Steven Spielberg (Hook), Woody Allen (3: Alice…), Sean Penn, Tom Hanks (3 Philadelphia…), Al Pacino, Scorsese, Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich but also Schwarzenegger (3: Total Recall, T2,), Stallone (4: Rambo 2/3, Cliffhanger…  ), Van Damme (2) and many more.

After Sony he merged 20th Century Fox with UGC in 1995 and quickly put the company in the N° 2 position on the market. He was named one of top film industry people by Film Français.

Online pioneer

He co founded filmfestivals.com and fest21.com which regularly partner with the largest festivals (Cannes, Mifed, Toronto, Locarno, Venice…) and has serves over 4000 festivals worldwide and a community of 370 000 unique monthly visitors, and newsletter subscribers base of 115 000.
The company was one of VOD international pioneers (2001) and has opened a film and festival matchmaking community leading the way in many ways..
He runs a consulting boutique Major Buzz Factory

Specialized in online marketing for the entertainment (film, music mostly), websites design and animation and web 2.0 actions  

Production company associate founder in Emotion Film Factory: “Emotion in Motion”

Producer of Ensemble (16 minutes short on the Imam from the Mosque de Paris) who saved 1600 Jews during WW2)by M. Fekrane) which won the Banlieuz’ Art top prize at 2011 Cannes Film Festival.
4 films in preproduction including Twisted directed by Enrique Gabriel, with Caterina Murino, Gael Garcia Bernal, Claudia Gerini, Gina Gershon, Martina Stella, Jordi Molla
In Talks with Vincent Gallo, Viggo Mortensen.

Prior to this he ran a Film School and Film Studio in Cherbourg (Eicar, Cinergie) he also ran in 2006 a TV production company in partnership with Endemol he produced who wants to be a millionaire, over 50 shows which rated 53% of the national TV in Algeria.

Marketing and Sales Agent consultant with Bristol Media International

I have been in charge of many film sales including Anton Chekhov’s The Duel by Donald Rosenfeld (Executive producer of The Tree of Life, Cannes Palme d’Or…), Sweet Mud, Late Fragment, Les Petites Vacances, Hats Off, Ensemble…

He served as Jury member in many important film events.

Jury President of Deir-el-Qamar short film festival in Lebanon
President and Producer of Fastrack 2005 Students International Short Film Competition in Cherbourg
Co Producer and co chair of the European Holywood Awards with Paula Wagner and Carlos de Abreu, Los Angeles
Jury member at several festivals FunchalFestival Pris de Courts Paris, Fantasporto Porto, ECU, CINERGIA Lodz … 

Panelist and moderator

Club Culture et Cinéma   « Valorisation du cinéma d'auteur, indépendant, et du patrimoine cinématographique »
Cannes Festival 2004-2011  Producer of the “Future of Cinema Salon”  series of panels
Cannes Short Film Corner : marketing independent film 
Locarno Festival 2008 Producer of the “Future of Cinema Salon” series of panels”
Bahamas Film Festival Marketing, Distribution and Festivals
FAS Screen Training Ireland: Screen Leaders “Which business models” 
Moderator and speaker at festival forums in Zombathely, Vilnius, Berlin 

International Film festival Summit Advisory Board Member

Las Vegas & International Film Festival Summit Europe Chair person
A panelist and moderator on hot topics such as: Film Festivals: Innovative Use of Digital Technologies, Media & Film Festivals: Roles and Relationships, Harness the Power of the Internet, Funding & Sponsorships: How to Get It, How to Keep Them Coming Back …

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