Discover Cox's Beach Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach with its incredible 125 km length, and most visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

It is also a modern town; well known fishing port and a district headquarter in Bangladesh.It is a district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh near the border of Myanmar. The town is located 150 kilometer south of Chittagong. Due to lack of development, publicity and mismanagement; the spot has so far to become a most desirable international tourist destination in Asia. Cox’s Bazar now is competing to get top for “New 7 Wonders of Nature”.

Alternative Name: “Panowa” means “yellow flower”.
Old Name: “Palongkee”.
Modern Cox’s Bazar: The modern Cox’s Bazar gained its name from British-Indian Captain Hiram Cox in the 18th century. He was an officer of British East India Company. He did several social works here as the Superintendent of Palongkee outpost before he died in 1799. The works he had done made him a place in the hearts of the locals. As a result, to commemorate Cox’s role in social work a market was established here and named after him as “Cox’s Bazaar” (“Cox’s Market”) with time it turn as Cox’s Bazar.
Cox’s Bazar city is not so big. It has only 6.85 km² of area. But its weather condition is always good for healthy life. Bangladesh is situated in the monsoon area. So in the Cox’s Bazar there is very seasonal change. In this region most of the time there stay high temperature, heavy rainfall excessive humidity because of the Bay of Bengal. The weather is controlled by the beautiful sea Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal in Cox’s Bazar is a small port and health resort.
Near the Cox’s Bazar city there are several places to visit which places are really attractive for the tourists. Himchari, Laboni Beach, Sonadia Island, Maheshkhali, Teknaf, ST Martin Island etc places are really exciting and enjoyable spot for the viewers.

The best remarkable scenery of Cox’s Bazar is the sunrise and sunset scenery. You can enjoy there with water-related activities. A lot of small shopping mall are located here you can get very nice handmade clothes, Barmiz shoes, dress and various types of showpieces. You will also get various kinds of food. The traditional Achar (pickle) and Shutki (dry fish0 of Cox’s Bazar are really famous around the world.
Cox’s Bazar is really a great place to visit for a tourist. Every year a huge number of tourists come here from across the world. Many high class hotels are driving their business in the Cox’s Bazar. So, don’t think for accommodation. It is a matter of sorrow for the country that a few number of foreign tourists come here for visiting. However, for the lack of publication the spot cannot attack more visitors which should be. But recently, the administrations take some step to increase its facilities and publicities.

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