The festival has been postponed, or cancelled, hard to tell

Sorry to announce that the Cox Beach International Film Festival is on a hiatus.
All contributions appear to have been in vain. The organizers have cut all communication. Consultants and partners involved in the making of this project are owed apologies (and fees)

Thank you to all partners and filmmakers that expressed their support.


The Industry Events

Workshop on Film Production for independent film makers by ECU Scott Hillier
Workshop on Film making for local woman talents by Ceyda Asli, Turkey

The Festival program

April 20
Opening at 5.30 pm
Opening film screening at 7.30 pm
Opening dinner at 8.30 pm

Guest of honor: Honorable Foreign Minister
Special guest: Secretary of Information Ministry
Guest of honor: Secretary of Tourism Ministry
Guest of honor: City Mayor of Chittagong
Honorable guest: foreign delegates

The dates for the festival have been locked

The inaugural festival 2012 edition will launch in November to a large audience of officials (representatives of the Ministry of  Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Home...), as well as guests and public at the Cox’s Bazar Cultural Center with maximum 5 hotel auditoriums.
The festival is organized by the International Academy of Film and Media

The Cox's Beach International Film Festival founder Bibesh Roy

Bibesh Roy is The Cox's Beach International Film Festival founder, the first edition to take place at Cox's Beach Bazar april 20-26, 2012
  • He is also CEO at JATRA School of Performing Arts
  • Executive Director at Media Foundation
  • CEO at Praxis Production
  • Executive Director at International Academy of Film and Media
  • President at Motion Cine Club
  • Secretary Genarel at Sergei Bondarchuk Film Club
  • Advisor at Woman Film Society of Bangladesh


The International Academy of Film and Media

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF FILM AND MEDIA (IAFM) is an academic institution that is working to create an opportunity of employment for the participant as well as enable them to work independently and efficiently. It will hopefully help those are searching for jobs in Media Industry in Bangladesh.

The current development of the electronic media and broadcasting in Bangladesh has greatly expanded the scope of people’s entertainment, information and education. The electronic media is now playing a significant role in raising social awareness and bringing about a positive change in people’s outlook and ideas.